Basic List of Supplies

Materials and Supplies:

This course covers a variety of art supplies and tools that I have in my stash. I will be showing and using many, but you don’t need all of them. Here is a detailed list with sources of as many of the items I use for those who wish to explore the specific ones I use.

Sketchbook paper
White gesso
Paint brushes
Soft pastels
Pencils - I like using water soluble
Oil Pastels*
Black acrylic paint
Deli paper
Pastel spray fixative

Bonus Project - Mounting Art to Canvas Panel
Soft Gel Gloss
Parchment Paper
Canva Panel - I used 5x7
Wrapped Canvas - I used 4x6
Exacto Knife
Cutting Mat

Bonus Projects - Art Journal Pages
Glue stick
Your favorite journal
Collage fodder


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